Healing a Broken Heart in Recovery

Having your heart broken, or going through something overwhelmingly sad in your relationship, can be shattering. For those who are in recovery, you may notice that your old coping mechanisms don’t work–and shouldn’t work–anymore.

dealing with heartbreak broken heart recovery

To help you out with this sadness and loss, you can try these tips.

10 Tips for Healing a Broken Heart in Recovery

Heartbreak. How many have you had? Whether it’s the first or you’ve already lost count, it’s never the same. However, this time, you have to deal with it sober since you’re in recovery.

1. Find a Higher Power. Whatever your faith or spiritual journey is, find a higher power to look up to. Surrender your worries to that higher power and find comfort in the knowledge that things will eventually fall into place.

2.  Find comfort and wisdom in slogans. Throughout your recovery journey, or while in your rehab, you may have come across many slogans and affirmations. Many of these may resonate with you more. Use these. Whisper them in those silent, painful, tear-streaked moments. Say them as a mantra or a prayer, breathe them out in the morning, and revisit them for the last time as you sleep. You’ll find them reassuring and inspiring to help you trudge on.

3. Connect with the people you trust. Whether it’s a chat, SMS, email or phone call, have someone ready whom you can talk to to help you get through the difficult moments.

4. Create a Gratitude List. Having an attitude of gratitude can do wonders, whether or not you’re struggling with addiction recovery or not. Every day, especially in the morning, create a mental list of the things you are grateful for.This will help teach you to find the silver lining in every situation.

5. Try podcasts. These days, we’re very lucky to have technology on our side when it comes to recovery. There are many podcasts these days that are focused on recovery as well as self-care and empowerment. Listen to those.

6. Go to meetings. Attend meetings with your peers and don’t forget to share.

7. Have a fellowship with your close after-care group or go out with the people you trust. Whether it’s your after-care group or your family and friends, it can help take your mind off your broken heart to be around the people who also care about you.

8. Self-care. You may have lost the love of your life, or a special someone, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect yourself. Aside from covering the basics of eating and sleeping right, make sure to also take care of your health and well-being. Do something that feels good to you.

9.  Find a hobby. Find something that you like doing and do that. Make sure that it’s something healthy, worthwhile, and fulfilling, something that will help you grow as a person and enrich your new life in recovery.

10. Finish the story. Sure there will be really low times, and you may be tempted to go back to your old coping mechanisms to drown the feelings or heartbreak away. However, finish the story. Think about what happens next and how you could derail your life and the progress you have made, how you would be breaking your own commitment to yourself.

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