How Self-Love Can Help You Heal




Self-love can help you heal, especially as you embark on your recovery journey. Be kind to yourself today and see how life unfolds as you gravitate love and positivity in return.

Just because Valentine’s Day is over doesn’t mean we should stop talking about love (we should really talk about love everyday!). This time, however, we’re zeroing in on self-love and how this kind of love is so powerful that it can help you heal. Yes, self-love can help you heal even the damages caused by years of substance abuse and addiction.


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Addiction is a complex disease that is caused by so many factors unique to an individual. A lot of these factors have to do with how you see and treat your own self, and the things you have personally been through. It could be that you’ve been hurt, broken, abused, rejected, or neglected in the past. You may have seen drugs and alcohol as a way for you to cope and live through each painful day…until the day came that you can’t live anymore without the substances.

But that’s all behind you now. Today, you may have gone through treatment and rehabilitation, now taking on the new challenges of recovery, sobriety, and healing.

Your Invisible Wounds

While you were in active addiction, you may have gone through so many battles, both outward and within. You’ve gotten into fights with other people, and many of these may have gotten you nicked, cut, and injured. You may even have dealt your own blows to other people, and many of them could have been people who cared for you. For your physical injuries, you have scars–and this is your body self-healing.

But what about the invisible wounds? Have they healed?

Beyond physical wounds, you may have invisible ones–anxiety, depression, trauma, heartbreak, broken relationships, financial crisis, legal struggles. You may have tried everything you can without compromising your sobriety, but nothing seems to cut it.

The Only Solution is Self-Love

If you’ve tried everything you possibly can, then maybe you just need to love yourself a little more. Have some self-love to help you rise up through all the rubble your addiction wrought, and then heal from it.

Remember, you attract as much love as you show yourself. Only when you will you start to pay attention to your self, your feelings–and you you start to be in harmony as a whole being. You start to say no to abusive relationships, even if that relationship is with your own self.

How Self-Love Heals

Self-love boosts self-esteem. You are more likely to engage in activities that enrich you and help you feel better about yourself. You make better choices for yourself, for your health, and for your mind.

It fights stress, anxiety and depression. Self-love counteracts stress and its negative effects to your body. Stressing increases your risk for blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, anxiety, and depression. Consequently, self-love produces oxytocin which helps improve immune system while making you feel good.

Self-love leads to more successful recovery. When you put yourself first, you are putting your sobriety first. And this makes for a successful and long-term recovery. Self-love and sobriety go hand in hand, so by putting your needs first, you are getting rid of unnecessary baggage that drags you down in your life.

Love yourself and be kind. Think about what you’ve been through, how far you’ve gone, and the beautiful promise life has ahead for you.


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