How Social Media Can Feed Sex Addiction

For those with sex addiction, social media unfortunately presents a whole new range of opportunities and problems. Indeed, sex addiction and social media can prove to be a dangerous mix.

Saying that social media is prevalent is an understatement. In fact, the way social media has infiltrated all aspects of people’s lives as well as changed the way society functions and interacts is so profound.


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Because of the internet and social media, people can have virtually unlimited access to information,: people, places, music, media, pictures, and so many other resources.

For those who are struggling with or facing sex addiction, social media present to them a whole new plethora of opportunities–and problems.

Here are some ways that social media can fan sex addiction and enable it even more.

  1. Social media encourages not only narcissism and superficiality, but also exhibitionism and voyeurism, which encourages sex addicts even more.
  2. Social media provides free and easily accessible resources to sexual or simply sexually suggestive material. People can easily post what can be viewed as amateur pornographic materials and erotic literature, or even just suggestive images, on social media. This promotes a kind of sexuality that sex addicts can easily prey and feed on.
  3. Social media creates an environment where people can curate their images so they have a certain look to present online. This, coupled with the lack of real and face-to-face interactions, support a sex addict’s inclination to sexual fantasy and exploitation.
  4. Social media can make it harder for recovering sex addicts to keep it “clean.” The often unfiltered timelines and news feeds can provide them with materials, especially images and videos, that can trigger them, causing them to relapse.
  5. Social media provides a venue for exploitation and objectification. Sex addicts can easily chat and meet with random people for hook ups. They can even have cybersex, sex chat, pay for actual sex, or create sex-based relationships that may even result in abuse and exploitation of other people.

Fake Facades and Hidden Struggles

With social media people with sex addiction can hide effectively behind a new life, a new face, a different facade. It can be very far from what they are in real life.

Social media can also be a powerful tool for shaping the narratives on various issues and social situations, whether it be political or personal in nature. Therefore, stigma, stereotypes, and what is trending can be easily directed by the mob that is social media.

However, for those who have sex addiction, social media can be double-edged. It can fan their addiction, providing them with a vast repository of resources that can normalize their behavior and enable it. Social media can also cause them to feel embarrassed or ashamed to come forward and seek help and treatment.

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