How to Help an Addict Loved One Get into Rehab?


Watching an addict loved one succumb to the dangers of addiction can be heartbreaking. It can also be distressing and terrifying, often making you feel hopeless, like there’s nothing that you can do to help them.

As much as you want to help your addict loved one overcome their addiction, whether this is drugs, alcohol, or behavioral, at the end of the day the decision is up to them. Only they, the addict, can help themselves once they decide they need help and are open to addiction treatment.

Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything. Here’s some tips that you can do on your end to help your addict loved one get into rehab–and soon! Read More

How Social Media Can Feed Sex Addiction


For those with sex addiction, social media unfortunately presents a whole new range of opportunities and problems. Indeed, sex addiction and social media can prove to be a dangerous mix.

Saying that social media is prevalent is an understatement. In fact, the way social media has infiltrated all aspects of people’s lives as well as changed the way society functions and interacts is so profound.

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The Role of Family in Your Addiction Recovery


When it comes to addiction recovery, the saying “it takes a village” also proves true. The role of family in this situation can’t be stressed enough.

For someone struggling with substance addiction, the combined support of family, friends, and peers can make successful recovery a reality.

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Tough Love and Harsh Words to Stop You From Enabling


Are you enabling a loved one with addiction? Here’s what you should know to shake you out of this enabling pattern and ultimately provide the help they badly need.

Loving someone with a substance use disorder is different. A whole lot different. They, the so-called addicted individuals, are incapable of reciprocating that love. This is because their lives are mainly driven by a force greater than love, actually: a force called addiction. But that doesn’t mean they don’t love you. They do. They just can’t choose you over their addiction. In return, you find yourself with enabling behaviors that will do them more harm than good.

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The Secret to Dealing with a Violent Spouse


The cycle of love and violence from an abusive spouse can be such a mind-boggling emotional roller coaster to deal with. Sometimes, it’s hard to find out which one is real anymore: the overly romantic words of affection, or the passive-aggressive behavior that easily escalate to life-threatening acts of violence?

Can someone who loves you really hurt you?

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Help for Families Struggling with Addiction


At Bridges of Hope, we aim to provide help for families who are also deeply affected by their loved one’s addiction. We provide counseling and support, with our rehab specialists available to readily help you with your questions. Below, we show you how else you can help yourself and your loved one struggling with addiction.

Addiction destroys not only the addict, but his family as well. Living with an addict equates to a continuous battle of wits, a never-ending struggle against fear, sadness, disappointment, suspicion, and hopelessness. Struggling to help the addict without being consumed into his world can be utterly heartbreaking and exhausting.

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Your Survival Guide to Loving an Addicted Person


Loving an addict is never easy. It lures an otherwise sober person full of potential into a destructive downward spiral–and his or her loved ones are never spared. Often, relationships and hearts get broken in the process. If you love an addict, what can you do?

Addiction comes in many forms: alcohol, drugs, shopping, porn, sex, video games, food, gambling, and many more. However, they share one thing in common–they leave destruction in their wake.

So how can you continue loving someone whom you know has a problem with addiction? How can you stay healthy, sane, and positive–while surviving it all?

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How Do You Forgive an Addict?


How do you forgive someone who lied, deceived, betrayed, disappointed, and hurt you? How do you forgive someone who turned your life upside down and left you in chaos and despair?

Yes, it’s not easy. It never is.

And for someone who lives with a drug addicted husband, wife, parent or child, the cycle of addiction can be so exhausting that you may not even know if forgiveness and reconciliation are even possible. It doesn’t seem fair: Why would you forgive the addict after everything they have subjected you to?

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Adolescent Addiction: What’s a Parent to Do?


What can a parent do with a child who is abusing drugs or on the road to addiction? Here we tackle what you can do to be empowered and to help your child who is struggling with adolescent addiction.

As a parent who lives with a child with addiction, what can you do?

Well, there’s no easy answer to this, as every kid is different and every family is different. Still, there are things that you can do to get you started.

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I Would Do Anything for Love, But…

Addiction is a lonely disease.

When at first you have a happy family and a great relationship and social life, once addiction hits, things can change for the worst dramatically. Addiction isolates you to your family and friends, the people who love you, and then ultimately kill you. This is the reality for many addicts, unless they seek help and decide to stay sober.


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