How to Have a Fun Sober and Happy Halloween

Celebrating a happy Halloween sober can be tough. This is true especially if you’re used to booze-filled Halloween parties. If before, when you were in active addiction, Happy Halloween means getting high and wasted, this time is different. 

happy halloween sober

Now that you’re sober, or want to cut down on drugs or alcohol, Halloween must stop being your excuse to get wasted and hide behind your costume and makeup. There are still so many ways to have a happy Halloween sober.


Throw a Sober Halloween Costume Party

Host a sober Halloween party in your own home or organize it in another venue. By being the organizer, it’s easier for you to stick to your sober lifestyle and encourage others too. You get to control your own environment and you can shape how the party goes so you avoid triggers.


Have a Scary Movie Marathon

Have some popcorn, get some chips, prepare some dips, and invite your friends over. Set up camp in the living room–and even dress it up with some cobwebs and scary dolls and decor. Have a selection of the scariest movies you and your friends can find and enjoy the shrieks and scares.


Have an Event with Your Support Group

Even if it involves just a support meeting, it’s better than being surrounded by triggers and ending up with a relapse.


Prepare Treats for Trick or Treaters

Whether you’re baking cookies or cooking up something Halloween themed, you can preoccupy yourself with something to give to kids who might be coming up to your doorstep.


Volunteer in Your Local Community

Your community may have Halloween themed events that you can help with. This is a great way to keep yourself occupied while giving back as well.


Organize a Halloween Themed Event

Whether it’s for baking Halloween treats, making candies, pumpkin carving, calligraphy, painting, or any other thing, you can organize an event and go to town with it. Get your friends together and discover a new hobby.

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