How to be Grateful This Holiday Season

This time of the year can be very stressful. All the holiday preparations, making sure everyone has presents and all the holiday meal groceries and menus are made, the parties attended, the list goes on. Things can become so chaotic this holiday season that the real meaning of Christmas can get lost.

Guess what–there’s a lot more things to celebrate than the food on the table, the gifts under the Christmas tree, the clothes on your back. For one, just the fact that you’re alive and sober is worth celebrating enough.


This holiday season, don’t let its stresses and demands keep you from being truly happy and grateful. Practice these tips on how to be grateful this holiday season.

How to be grateful this holiday season

1. Be thankful for the roof over your head. Having a place to live can mean the world for those who don’t. Remember the meaning of your home, a place of sanctuary, a shelter to which you can go to always.

2. Be thankful for family. Being around the people you love and love you back–there’s no greater feeling in the world. Yes, you may bicker and fight sometimes, but a home is not going to a home without your family, whether they are by blood or not.

3. Be thankful for sobrietyImagine what this moment would have been were you not sober. How would your life be? Would you still be around the family and friends who care about you, or would you be alone?

Look around you. There is still so much more you can be thankful for this holiday season. Recognize everything, from the smallest, most mundane things to the most extravagant and unexpected ones, as gifts.

By adopting an attitude of gratitude not just this holiday season but as part and parcel of your everyday life, you are giving yourself a more positive experience and an overall healthier life. With gratitude as an approach to life, you are creating good habits as well as opening yourself up to more positive things in your life.

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